Tuesday, March 20, 2012

140 characters limit is annoying at times.

Being the first child is tough, the first daughter is tougher, let alone the first granddaughter. I don't have the full autonomy to even decide what car should I buy. I'm a bit (a LOT) sad and disappointed and crushed because for the record, the only car that I yearn to buy is 1970-1980 Mini Cooper / Austin. Not whatever series of BMW or Mer Benz or whatever luxury cars. When others were busy planning for tertiary edu back when I was in Form 4 and Form 5, I was busy saving WTS mini ads. I even have 3 folders in my computer, which are labelled consider, splurge and super consider respectively and everything is categorized by price. Thats how serious I am in this. Now when my proposal is being rejected (not by banks, but by family) I feel depleted. The second car that I have in mind is a Volkswagen Combi / caravan which I doubt they would agree as well. Anyway, I am not known for listening and following orders, so i'm keeping silence and keep them driving me here and there until they might allow me to.

Work, blergh. Money, nice. More is better tho. Heh. Work is ok I guess, but the people can be annoying and bloody rude at times. I think as we grew older we became even more childish, doing things that our own 5 year old self wont think of doing just for the sake of covering our ass and climb up the corporate ladder. I'm too young for all these office shenanigans.

Anyway, "this" is nice. No heartache, no heartbreak, no drama. I don't want to bring up "what is this?" or "what are we now?" because I'm comfortable with now and I'm afraid if it will get awkward and I'll lose this and I'll lose you.

SPM 2011 result is going to be out in few hours time. Despite I was 18 few years ago, I still couldnt get over the fact that "if only I score 1 or 2 more A's, I might be not where I am now"

Plan for this year is to see more of the world.

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